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Since 1992, our only core business.


Self-service: our work, our passion. Catering equipment has been our core business and passion since 1992. We have gathered extensive experience in the sector, sticking to a set path and constantly searching for new product solutions. In these past 20 years we have expanded our product range to give you more choice, options and flexibility having great attention to the needs of the client, to functional solutions.

Display cabinet lighting   Tempered glass shelves   Stainless steel superstructures



Keeping dishes hot and appetising as long as possible is important mission. This is made possible thanks to traditional bain-maries, the practical tempered heating surfaces and the useful dish storage units.

Close-up of bain-marie container
with rounded corners

  Close-up of the stainless steel unit with the solenoid valve water loading and overfill drain   Close-up of the heated ceramic glass counter

  Digital controls



The static refrigeration of the shelves and containers and the use of ventilated evaporators in the display cabinets and units are synonymous of technology and make our refrigerated units, an efficient product designed to maintain a high level of performance.

Close-up of the display unit and refrigerated counter   Close-up of printed counter with rounded corners   Digital controls

  Digital controls