Italian Products,
International Horizons

Since 1992 Art Serf has been specialized in design and production of elements dedicated to preservation and distribution of food and beverage, in the sector of catering for communities and public businesses. Our products are entirely “Made in Italy”.

We are committed to looking for and processing quality materials exclusively coming from Italy in order to export our ideas all over the world.

The Founder: Remo Perin

Our Clients

Contract | Art Serf


We create solutions suitable for contract projects of any level and dimension, 360° customisation, from idea to delivery.

Ristorazione | Art Serf


Art Serf combines functionality and design, adapted to all kinds of bars, restaurants and kitchens of all dimensions.

Self Service | Art Serf

Self Service

We are pioneers in step with the times in the production of elements suitable for the food presentation.

Architects | Art Serf


We work on entire complex projects with architects and designers requiring our professionalism.

Internal realisation

Internal realisation - Design | Art Serf


In our internal technical and creative office, we gather all the technical and design aspects to create the best solutions.

Internal realisation - Production | Art Serf


The production area is composed of professionals in order to carry out plants, laser cut, bending, welding, cleaning and assembling.

Internal realisation - Testing | Art Serf


We carry out accurate controls of all the parts forming our solutions, from the electronic to the refrigeration elements.