Grab 'N' Go Line

Grab 'N' Go is the innovative line that includes Front Cooking elements, Vertical Display and Cool Station to prepare, present and serve the dishes according to the modern philosophy “Grab 'N' Go”.

Thanks to their advanced features, these elements can be easily installed in any location revisiting the concept of Street-Food and allowing the chef to prepare cured and informal dishes.

Grab 'N' Go: prepare, present and serve!

Grab 'N' Go recreates and enhances the concept of restoration, food is no longer simply exposed, but prepared at the moment on customer’s choice that can appreciate the quality of the ingredients and the chef’s ability to combine them.
Linea Grab 'N' Go - reinterpreta e valorizza il concetto di ristorazione | Art Serf
Linea Grab 'N' Go - Front Cooking con moduli intercambiabili dotata di cappa aspirante | Art Serf
Linea Grab 'N' Go - Elemento in acciaio inox equipaggiabile con moduli cottura a vista | Art Serf
Linea Grab 'N' Go - Elementi Cool Station | Art Serf
Linea Grab 'N' Go - Vetrina Murale | Art serf
Linea Grab 'N' Go - Scocca in acciaio inox con ripiani rimovibili posizionabili | Art Serf

Cool Station Elements

The Cool Station system allows the processing of foods in compliance with the cold cycle.

The stainless-steel structure equipped with a removable glass superstructure composed by 2 frames, a fixed external one with an upper shelf and an internal one sliding on rails for an easy cleaning. On the service side, there are some polyethylene nozzles for conveying the cold air.

Linea Grab 'N' Go - Elementi Cool Station - Scocca in Acciaio Inox | Art Serf

Stainless steel structure

Linea Grab 'N' Go - Elementi Cool Station - Struttura a vano libero su piedini in acciaio | Art Serf

Open compartment structures mounted on adjustable feet, wheels kit on request

Linea Grab 'N' Go - Elementi Cool Station - Scocca in acciaio | Art Serf

Stainless steel elements
with glass superstructure


Linea Grab 'N' Go - Elementi Cool Station - Struttura con cella refrigerata | Art Serf
Refrigerated cell structure
with independent control from the rest of the cabinet for starting up and temperature.
Linea Grab 'N' Go - Elementi Cool Station - evaporatore ventilato | Art Serf
Linea Grab 'N' Go - Elementi Cool Station - Lampada UV | Art Serf

A ventilated evaporator placed inside the tank guarantees the refrigeration, it is equipped with pistons to facilitate inspection and cleaning operations. UV lamp placed inside the evaporator to limit the bacterial charge.

Work top with polyethylene cutting boards, in Gastronorm 1/1, replaceable with bowls. Bar on the top suitable for supporting bowls 1/3 to contain the ingredients chosen by the chef.

Linea Grab 'N' Go - Elementi Cool Station -barra adatta al supporto di 4 o 5 bacinelle 1/3 | Art Serf

Vertical Display

The vertical display is ideal for a quick and autonomous service. Food and drinks always cold at constant temperature.

Stainless steel structure with removable shelves, placed on rack, adjustable to the different type of product to expose. Ventilated on the back and upper air veil refrigeration through digital control.

The vertical display is equipped with Led lightning kit placed on the top shelf, customizable laminated external coatings and night curtain or roller shutter, possibility to lock it with key.

Linea Grab 'N' Go - Vetrina Murale - Scocca in acciaio inox con ripiani rimovibili | Art Serf
Linea Grab 'N' Go - Vetrina Murale - tenda notturna o tapparella con possibilità di chiusura a lucchetto | Art Serf

New Show Cooking

Open kitchen, with aspiration hood with active carbons and ozone.

Basic & pro version


Show Cooking combines the flexibility of a compact cooking area with the convenience cook anywhere; You can cook in front of customers in the dining room or outdoors, thanks to the integrated system of extraction of cooking fumes and consecutive odor filtering.

An ozone generator is integrated in Pro version: Stop the annoying smells of fried or grilled meat in the room! 

Stainless steel elements that can be equipped with open cooking modules and suitable for all the environments. Vapors and fumes are conveyed into the machine, purified by filters, and then released in the environment.

Glass front structure with dish shelf function and protection against any splashing due to cooking. Work area lighting through led bar. Built-in pan the work top to store the various kitchen utensils to have them always at your fingertips.

Linea Grab 'N' Go - Front Cooking - Struttura frontale in vetro con funzione di poggia piatti | Art Serf
Linea Grab 'N' Go - Front Cooking - Sistema di aspirazione dell’aria integrato | Art Serf
Linea Grab 'N' Go - Front Cooking - bacinella incassata | Art Serf

Heated Cabinets

The new heated cabinet, solve the problem of the ri-generation of the dishes.
Heating technology static, ventilated, or ventilated\humidified.

Realized for the needs of modern catering that combines quality and production performances ensures, better work organization and optimization, less waiting time with a consequent better customer satisfaction and greater food safety.

Made of 304 stainless steel, they work in a temperature range: from +30 °C to + 85 °C guarantee of keeping food at the optimal temperature.

Adaptable to any need: wide range of models with insertion of Gastronorm 1/1 or 2/1 trays.


Model for 3 trays


Model for 5 trays


Model for 10 trays


Model for 24 trays


Model for 3 trays


Model for 5 trays


Model for 10 trays


Model for 24 trays


Rounded internal edges; sides with printed tray rails for an easy cleaning. Tray rails 55 mm pitch.

Condensate collection tray on the front (trolley version).