and Design

The first phase of our projects is the preparation, in which we widely work to conceive new technological and aesthetical solutions applied both to products and to entire structured projects. Art Serf meets the modern market requirements of its own sector with inventiveness and creativity.

and Production

Every part of Art Serf works is Made In Italy. In our production plant, all the parts composing our products are created and assembled. Modern machines based on laser technology and optical fiber carry out the stainless steel processing, we work through an avant-garde equipment fleet.

and Assembly

A successful assembly is for us of Art Serf the confirmation to have worked with professionalism. We are sure to deliver high quality products as we check them through scrupulous tests and at the end of the productive process, we ensure that each element is perfect in every aspect.

Versatility and
production capacity

Art Serf technologies are at the service of the ideas; each production phase belongs to a process supported by expert staff, avant-garde instruments and experience in the sector.

◎  Plant realisations
◎  Laser cut
◎  Bending
◎  Welding and cleaning
◎  Assembly
◎  Testing and final verification

Art Serf Technologies

The use and the processing of the stainless steel is carried out through an avant-garde equipment fleet including optical fiber lasers, punching machines, bending machines, panelling machines and automatic polishing machines.

Producing internally is for us a must. In this way, Art Serf quality is expressed in all its parts, from the aesthetical to the technological ones. Besides, thanks to our vertical production, we are able to customise all the range of products.

Art Serf